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A helping hand for your child's daily routine! Parents can have peace of mind knowing that Deeno will make getting ready for the day or bedtime more enjoyable for the little ones. Download the Deeno App for free and use it with your child to brush their teeth effectively while playing. Earn rewards and enjoy Deeno different games! 3 cleaning modes: Soft, Normal and Hard Quadpacer with 2 minute timer and 30 second interval checkpoint for effective brushing.

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About us image

Deeno makes Oral Care engaging and fun

The app can be used with your child's toothbrush to encourage proper brushing techniques and track performance. Kids can see how well they brush, and earn exciting rewards for a job well done. It's educational and effective, and ensures kids brush better and for longer. It's the fun way to help kids develop healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime.


Monitor Your Children's Brushing Habits.  

Manually award your child for each predetermined brushing goal whilst the analytical software tracks brushing behaviour on each individual child profile or collectively on the family leaderboard.

Kids can see if they are achieving a Gold, Silver or Bronze brushing standard, and earn exciting rewards for a job well done.

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The Latest in Sonic Brushing Technology

      Unlike cheaper electric toothbrush models for kids using a basic vibration movement, we believe in excellence and have invested in the highly acclaimed sonic brushing motor, providing up to 30,000 ultra sonic movements per minute.  Due to the high frequency, not only does it clean the surface of the teeth, with the 3D Sonic pulsations  it pushes and pulls the water through the gaps in the teeth.
The brush head is also specially designed for the Deeno brush and kids alike, with extra soft bristles, rubber silicone mould to ensure the experience is super gentle on teeth and gums, and also a Deeno Spike tongue cleaner so as not to forget this essential part of the oral care routine.

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Amazing customer service from the creators, very helpful, my son was given this as a gift although it was the rechargeable one he wanted it wasn't in stock so thought we would see how he goes with this first then upgrade for his birthday if he still loves it as much as he does now, he said its very gentle on his teeth as he currently has 4 missing with new big ones coming through, he loves the colour of the toothbrush, he loves the stickers that comes with it and is currently hatching the Dino that comes with it, he said its a big thumbs up from a 6 year old, still to figure out the app and stuff but all good so far

Miss Donna Lamont


My Daughter is 3 Years old, she absolutely Loves this Brush. She loved sticking the stickers EVERYWHERE!! (Like kids do) The Packaging was really well designed and made, the brush is bright, colourful and solidly made. Soon as my Daughter finishes her evening meal we do the evening routine of getting her PJ's on and then on to Brushing her teeth, i don't ever have to remind her as shes the one who reminds me!! We brush her teeth between 1-2 Minutes, soon as we finish i open the app, i have to manly input the amount of time to earn her some coins. She loves feeding Deeno his food, giving him a quick shower and playing some games .I would totally recommend this Brush for parents to buy, it really makes the kids enjoy a usually tedious task. i for one cant wait to see what else the Deeno team create in the future share information about your brand with your customers. 


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