Message from the Founder

Happy New Year.

UPDATE 03/01/20: Both apps have been uploaded to Google Play and the App store already... it is now just a case of waiting until they approve and publish the apps.  We've been waiting some time for Google Play as it was sent weeks ago, but the Apple one, it is a manual process and should be easier, we already addressed a few issues they sent back that day, and resubmitted, so we don't think there is anything else we can do but wait for them.  I am hoping next week we will be online for both.

However, in the meantime, I am offering everyone that bought a bluetooth brush, a free triple pack of Replacement brush heads RRP £11.99.  Can you please send to me your Address, Telephone number, and Amazon Order number so I can send these out asap.  From 4th to 13th January I will be in the States for the CES Tech conference so i will distribute the next batch of free goods when i return.

Once again a massive apologies for this delay and inconvenience.

Best wishes

Ryan xx


Latest in Smart Bluetooth Technology connecting the high performing rechargeable toothbrush to the Deeno App.

Deeno utilizes a special electric toothbrush that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Free Tracking App

Download the FREE Deeno App with interactive Deeno-saur game.

Daily Goals

Set on the app the optimal daily brushing goals for your kid. Then, sit back and watch as the targets are achieved.

Get Rewards

Each time the child brushes their teeth at the pre-programmed times, they win coins to use on the Deeno mini games.


An up-close-and-personal look at Deeno-Brush technical specs

Deeno DEENO-SAUR Smart Rechargeable Toothbrush for Kids 3+ with Interactive App- 2019 Model
  • Sonic Motion Brushing

    Sonic motion brushing with upto 25,000 pulsations per minute

  • Lithium Battery

    Upto 3 weeks of brushing capacity at 2 minutes twice per day

  • Universal Charger

    Universal Voltage AC 100v-240v 50MHZ

  • Quadpacer

    30 Second Quadpacer to encourage effective cleaning in each quadrant of the month


The Deeno APP allows parents to register more than one toothbrush, in other words, up to 6 children in one family children can have their own profiles and pet Deeno-saur. Parents just need to define the brushing targets for each kid and follow the evolution and improvement in their childrens’ daily brushing via the App leaderboard.


Why We Need it?

The need for such a product in a household with kids can be understood by looking at the 2015 study published by the Public Health England. It reports that “1 in 4 children will have tooth decay when they start school. Each child with tooth decay will have on average 3 to 4 affected teeth.” 

Customer's Reviews

Fantastic concept and product. My little one is really enjoying it and I think he feels all grown up using a toothbrush like this. The game is also very fun and keeps him engaged

Great product, a refreshing change from the standard kids electric tooth brushes available the market. Great battery life, means less charging from the kids obsession with the unique head oscillation!

Really great idea... I’ve only just given this to my god daughter but she’s already loving... will see if she stays engaged with it and brushing her teeth after a few months tho!

Our little one loves using this. No more fights to get him to brush his teeth. Highly recommend.