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Deeno is a company dedicated to improving the wellness of our children.   

We aim to make parents lives easier by bringing a FUN way for children to embrace a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

We believe everything begins and ends with a smile and pride ourselves in having the most entertaining kids toothbrush range in the market to truly #makebrushingfun!

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The Toothpaste

Our range of kids toothpaste is as natural as stone age with NO artificial flavours, sweeteners or prevervatives and is SLS FREE!

 Using naturally occuring minerals like Fluoride and Xylitol to fight the germs and bacteria in the mouth, preventing the build up of plaque and tooth decay; also containing added Hydroxyapatite which helps to remineralise the enamel.

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Eco Toothbrushes

Our organic and sustainable range of kids bamboo toothbrushes is a perfect choice for those ones who are not comfortable to use a eletric one.

It also educates them and gets them thinking about helping the environment. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing abundant and sustainable material. It is also naturally antibacterial, making it an excellent choice

The box



Fantastic concept and product. My little one is really enjoying it and I think he feels all grown up using a toothbrush like this. The game is also very fun and keeps him engaged



Great product, a refreshing change from the standard kids electric tooth brushes available the market. Great battery life, means less charging from the kids obsession with the unique head oscillation!



Really great idea... I’ve only just given this to my god daughter but she’s already loving... will see if she stays engaged with it and brushing her teeth after a few months tho!



Our little one loves using this. No more fights to get him to brush his teeth. Highly recommend.


About US

Deeno is a company dedicated to improving oral hygiene among the younger generation. It leverages technology to create sophisticated products that are effective and easy to use.

Every opportunity in life starts with a simple smile.  Whether it’s taking our first steps, speaking our first word, meeting our teacher for the first time in kindergarten, or our first encounter with another boy or girl, our first kiss, all the way to exchanging vows at the altar, or seeing our first new-born, and even that final farewell.

It begins and ends with a smile.