DEENO-SAUR Stay Safe Kit for Kids

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Keep germs safely at bay and sanitiser super handy with this adorable 2 pack of sanitiser and Deeno themed case holder.

The cute holder included can be attached to an bag or keychain, perfect for everyday, on-the-go use. Ideal accessory for baby change bags, school back packs and lunchbags, travelling and the workplace.

The pack includes 2 x 30ml of fragrance free, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser with moisturising glycerin and kills 99.99% of germs.

Simply squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the palm of one hand and rub hands together, distributing over all surfaces of hands and fingers until dry - no need to rinse.

The Deeno premium hand woven face mask is the ultimate face protection for your kids against germs and bacteria; with the adjustable ear loops suitable for ages 3-9 and a PM2.5 kids filter with Activated Carbon. NOT FOR MEDICAL USE


1x Deeno-saur Face Mask

1x Deeno-saur Hand Gel Twin Pack

1x Deeno-saur Key Ring