Your Kids Teeth Are In Danger Heres What You Can Do

“Never do for a child what he is capable of doing for himself.” – E. Hainstock

That’s the thumb rule parents must remember when raising independent children capable of building the humanity’s future. But, how often can you get them to brush their teeth? They make it just so darn difficult.
What kids don’t realize is that not brushing their teeth or even improper brushing can lead to severe dental problems later in their life. Not to mention a whole gamut of other health complications as they age.

According to Public Health England, a surprising 5.6% of the 5-year olds in the country had tooth decay in their incisors (front teeth) in 2015 alone.
Some estimates even indicate that this number may be as high as 40% among the kids of kindergarten ages. What’s more shocking is that tooth decay is an easily preventable dental issue. According to multiple researches, roughly 33% of the children do not brush their teeth twice a day. Naturally, bad dental hygiene habits are leading to a surge in dental problems. Bad dental hygiene and the inability of the parents to get their children to brush has led to this “crisis” situation in the UK.

Crisis how? Tooth decay, when not diagnosed and treated on time, can further result in chronic infection and pain. What’s more, the effects of these issues can last well into the adulthood of the children, severely affecting their ability to perform even the most basic functions like eating, speaking, and learning.
In other words, kids’ indifference to proper brushing can result in them paying the price for it, their entire life.

Clearly, the stakes are pretty high! But, what are parents to do? They can only do so much to get their kids interested in brushing their teeth. Even the toothpaste companies tried to come up with flavourful toothpaste to get the children addicted to brushing. And, it did seem to work for a while. Then, like all things fad, they easily lost the children’s abysmally small attention span.
Just because the kids don’t know, worry, or care about the 700 different strains of bacteria that reside in their mouth, it doesn’t mean that they will reciprocate the kind gesture.

So, what’s the solution then? How do you get the kids to brush their own teeth, so that those little beasts can grow and live up to be healthy adult beasts? (so that they can grow and live up to be healthy adults)
Well, Deeno might hold the answer!
Deeno gets the kids hooked to brushing their teeth by turning their sole weakness against them.

Ask yourself, what is it that kids keep doing even when you hide the means to them? Play, of course. On the phones, tablets, computers, or with anything on which they can lay their hands upon. So, Deeno gives them something to play – a game, albeit a game with real benefits.

Deeno is a revolutionary toothbrush that is connected to a smartphone app. Children can play this game by brushing their teeth. The interactive game encourages proper brushing practices in children by setting brushing targets for kids and when the kids perform their duties, they win coins. To avoid unnecessary brushing, the game rewards the kids only when they brush at pre-programmed times. Children can set their Deeno’Saur profiles and compare their scores with each other. Who knew that a little bit of competitive spirit between the siblings and friends can keep their teeth whiter and healthier!
Now, watch as your kids hurry up to the bathroom for their fun-filled brushing, twice a day.
Earlier, they used to escape brushing. Now, thanks to Deeno, they look forward to it.

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