Your Kids May Lose All Their Teeth Before You Do. Here’s Why and How to Prevent it

UK is in the midst of a brewing dental health crisis of colossal proportions. Here are some shocking details:

According to the data available for the year 2015-16, tooth decay was the most common reason for children aged 5 to 9 years-old to get admitted into a hospital. Hospital admission for tooth removal is only required when general anaesthetic is required, which a dentist cannot administer. Simply put, these are cases of extreme nature.

In the under 4 years-old age group, tooth decay was the sixth most common reason for hospital admission. Evidently, the children in the UK are facing a crisis situation, which, going by all indications, is only going to get worse.

NHS data shows that an outrageous 170 youngsters had their teeth extracted every day, over the past year alone. The culprit? Sugar. And, guess what? Children in the UK consume more sugary soft drinks, chocolates, candies, and other sugar-loaded products than anywhere in the entire Europe. Needless to say, tooth decay is the least bit of their problems.

Making matters worse, dental health is one of the least priorities for parents too. They are more concerned about their children’s safety, while dental health is promptly shoved to the bottom of the list of priorities.

The fact that children hate brushing and treat it as an easily avoidable chore, has only exacerbated the situation to a point where only about 10% of the present generation of adults have oral health that can be regarded as excellent. That number is expected to go down when the present generation of kids and youngsters become adults.

All of these warrant urgent measures for combating the worsening dental health situation, especially among the children. But, awareness-raising TV ads and logical reasoning with the kids are hardly going to decrease the distance between the children and their toothbrush. They are unaware of the fact that even the loss of primary teeth, which are temporary teeth, can cause them major harm in the long run. For instance, loss of a primary tooth allows the permanent tooth emerging beside it to grow sideways in the absence of a guiding structure. Unhealthy growth can lead to early loss of teeth later in the adult life.
In addition to the crooked set of teeth, chronic pain, and years of braces, a less than perfect set of teeth can irreparably damage your child’s confidence and ability to interact with others.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measure

If you have to get your children to do what you want, or what’s good for them for that matter, you must learn to think like them. Here is a quick summary of what we know about them.
Children find brushing boring
Children love to play games, especially on smart devices
Children love to do only those things that they love
Can we use these facts to get the children actually want to brush?
Well, the simple answer is – turn brushing into a game. And, that’s exactly what Deeno has done.

Deeno: Game of Brushes

Deeno is a sensational new approach to brushing teeth. In fact, it is Brushing 2.0.
Deeno makes use of a whole new kind of electric brush, which is directly connected to the Deeno smartphone app via Bluetooth. The interactive app gamifies brushing by setting pre-programmed targets for children to achieve. When the children brush their teeth on time, as per their targets, they get gold coins. Ding! Ding! Ding!
Kids can create their Deeno-Saur profile, and keep a track of their score card, compare it with others, and compete with them to achieve better dental health.
Deeno Toothbrush comes with a bevy of cool features like 2-minute timer, massaging speed settings, and more, which ensure super-effective brushing, without fail, on a daily basis. Most of all, it’ll get your kids hooked to proper brushing.
It’s simple. It’s easy. And, it’s ingenious!
We can finally get those silly little humans learn to survive. Phew!!!

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